How To Get Free Pluralsight Subscription for 3 months

How To Get Premium Pluralsight Account For Free

Before sharing the trick, I would like to tell you something about Pluralsight.

Pluralsight is one of the best online website to learn programming through videos. It is a private online education company that provides a huge variety of online video tutorials for beginners as well as professionals to enhance their coding skills.

Pluralsight provides video tutorials for almost all the programming languages including Angular.js, php, java, javascript and all the other languages. You can see the list of all Pluralsight courses here

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Also, in order to get access to these video tutorials, pluralsight subscription costs $29 for one month and $299 for a year which is a huge amount for students.

 But you don't have to worry about this, we at Tech Jugaad are going to share a trick to access the whole Pluralsight videos at free of cost and that too for three months.

That means you will be provided all the premium account facility that includes access to
                       - entire 5,000+ course library,  
                       - Mobile apps
                       - Exercise files
                       - Completion certificates 
                       - Offline viewing and many more features

So you don't have to search for Pluralsight Video downloader or any other illegal method to watch tutorials. You will also get access to Pluralsight Mobile App. So, just follow the below steps to get the free Subscription.

Steps to Activate Free Pluralsight Subscription

1.   Create a Microsoft live account from here. You can skip this step if you already have one.
2.   Now, go to and sign-in with your Microsoft live id which you created at first step.
3.   It will take you to Visual Studio Dev Essentials page with number of subscriptions and tool displayed on the page.
4.   Here Choose Pluralsight (3 months subscription) among the other benefits and click on Get Code.
Get Pluralsight premium subscription for free
5.   After that, you will be taken to the Pluralsight website to activate and redeem your 3 month subscription.

6.  It will take you to the page where you have to enter the your information. Just enter all the required information and click on “Activate Benefit”

Pluralsight sign up

That's it !! Enjoy the free subscription and take your coding skills to next level.

You can also try other subscriptions provided over there. Visual Studio Dev Essentials provides many essential tools for developers like Visual Studio Code, MS SQL Server and so on.

Final Words

This trick is perfectly tested by us before sharing it with you. I would personally suggest you to take advantage of this opportunity. There are a number of programming languages existing in the programming world and each one of the them has huge demand in the various Organizations. So pick your favorite language and get excel in it.

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How To Use Secret Conversation In Facebook Messenger

How to Send Secret Messages from Fb Messenger

How to use Private Chat in Messenger

Like Whatsapp, Facebook has rolled out new update called Secret conversation that supports end-to-end encryption. This update ensures that no one can read the messages between you and your recipient not even the company and the government will be able to spy on your messages.

Facebook introduced this feature first in July, 2016 in beta app that was applicable to limited people but now it has started rolling out this update for all its users.

Facebook has provided better privacy and security options with this update. You can send auto-destructive messages, can verify the encryption with the help of the device key.

Secret Conversation feature is currently available in iOS and android's messenger app. It is not available on or

How to Enable Secret Conversation on Facebook Messenger :

Follow the below steps in order to enable this feature :

1. Open Facebook messenger app.

2. Move to your Profile section.

3. Tap on secret Conversations and enable the Secret Conversations from there.

Secret Conversation in Facebook MessengerPrivate Chat feature in Facebook Messenger

If you disable Secret Conversations, your existing secret messages will remain on the device until you delete them, but you’ll no longer be able to send or receive them or start new Secret Conversations.

4. Choose the contact you want to start a secret chat with.

5. Tap on (i) icon beside their name on the top right corner and from there choose Secret Conversation option. The screen will turn to a black theme.

Facebook End-to-End UpdateHow to enable secret chat in messenger

6. Type the message you want and send it. That's it

After you send an encrypted message, the recipient will have to agree to use the Secret Conversations feature. Once they do, they will be able to see your message.

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How to send self destructive messages from messenger

With this new feature, you can send self-destructive messages through messenger.
To send auto destructive messages, follow the below steps :

1. Open messenger and start Secret Conversation as described in above steps.

2. Tap on the Timer button and set the Timer for how long you want the message to remain visible after being seen.

How to Send Auto-Destructive messages in facebook messenger

3. After that type the message and send it.

You can set timer on the messages also. After setting the timer, your message will disappear from the chat after that much time you set.

What you can send in Secret Conversations

This feature works almost like the normal Facebook messages but there is some restrictions in the Secret Chat feature. You cannot send gifs, videos, voice call in secret conversation. Also, the payment feature is also not supported.

Final Words

So this was all about the Facebook's new Encryption update. This update has secured the privacy of the users and users are going to like it obviously. if you have not got this feature in your app, update your app once. The best part is that your chats will be deleted after 24 hours automatically.
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Famous Motovloggers In India To Follow in 2016 [Updated]

In the last few years, there is an alarming increase in the number of Vloggers and Motovloggers in india. Before introducing the top and famous Motovloggers, you must know What is Vlogging and Motovlogging.

Vlogging is actually Video Logging and people who are making vlogs are known as Vloggers. Just like Blogging, vlogging is sharing of information, guides, tutorials or experiences through videos.
Presently, Youtube is the biggest platform to share and people are earning as well by making vlogs.

About MotoVlog

A motovlog is a type of video log recorded by a person while riding a motorcycle
source Wikipedia -

So the person who is recording motovlog is known as MotoVlogger. From now onwards, if you see any person riding bike on road with a camera on his helmet, don't get surprised or think he is mad or weird. He must be recording his another motovlog to share it with public :P

Famous Motovloggers in India  - 2016
Famous Motovloggers in India

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In India, from last few months, there is an huge amount of increase in the number of motovloggers from past recent years. Many newbies are doing motovlogging and showing their creative videos.

Here is the list of the famous Indian Motovloggers :

TheHeartbroken Biker 

He is the first Moto vlogger of India. He is a full time motovlogger and has made more than 150 videos. The biker is from Hyderabad and has not revealed his name and identity yet as he puts mask while making vlogs. He does dirt biking and riding on tracks. Amazing fact about the Heartbroken Biker is that he donated his first earned money from motovlogging.

  •  Subscribers : hidden
  •  Videos : 198
  •  Bikes : R15
  •  Started : 2012

Here is the vlog in which he spent his first earned money to needies.

Mumbiker Nikhil  

Mumbiker Nikhil aka Nikhil Sharma as the name suggest, a vlogger from Mumbai. He owns a KTM duke 390. He spent first 6 year in cabin crew. But now he is taking care of his family business and does part time vlogging and Moto vlogging. He is a tourer and often does long rides. He has bought a drone recently and planning to ride from Mumbai to Leh Laddakh to Mumbai.

  •  Subscribers :92,902
  •  Videos : 247
  •  Bikes : KTM duke 390, Eliminator 180, Activa 100
  •  Started :2013

Here is the video in which he completed Mumbai to Bangalore to Mumbai in just 28 hrs :O


Oggy F aka Ogden Fernandes, another Moto vlogger from Mumbai. He
has not revealed his face yet. He loves dogs and plays football. He is very calm and polite and is known for following traffic rules and his accent is very cute ;)

  •  Subscribers :32812
  •  Videos : 217
  •  Bikes : RC 390
  •  Started : 2012
This is one of my favourite video from his channel.

 The EverydayIndia 

Person behind the EverydayIndia is Prateek, a btech guy from Delhi. He started moto vlogging in 2014. His vlogs are full of humour. He is a part time moto vlogger as well as he is doing is job also.

  •  Subscribers :31,319
  •  Videos : 124
  •  Bikes : KTM RC 390, R15
  •  Started : 2014

Here is the vlog in which he is riding with his mother., Must watch ;)


Ride with Rahul

A motovlogger from West Bengal. He started moto vlogging in 2012. He is a full time moto vlogger and also gives reviews on bikes. He is having quite foreign accent. Sometimes he vlogs with his girlfriend.
  •  Subscribers :24,099
  •  Videos :141
  •  Bikes : Duke 390
  •  Started : 2012

Here is his vlog in which he is teaching riding bike to his gf ;)

 Vikas Rachamalla

Another Moto vlogger from Hyderabad. He is full time moto vlogger and also gives nice reviews of bikes. He is having lot of bikes. Vikas is married and sometimes does motovlogging with his cute little son Sid.
  •  Subscribers :24,092
  •  Videos :339
  •  Bikes : KTM Duke 390, Yamaha YZF-R1, Suzuki GSX 1100F, Suzuki GSXR 1000
  •  Started :  2013

Here is his vlog with his cute l'il son..

    Buff Moto

    Another moto vlogger from Mumbai. He owns a KTM duke 390. He got famous in a very short span as he posted his first vlog in November,2015. He plays guitar too. Multi-talented !!

    •  Subscribers :7,003
    •  Videos :36
    •  Bikes : KTM Duke 390
    •  Started : 2015

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    Apart from the above mentioned motovloggers, here is the list of the motovloggers who are also doing pretty great :

    Zohair Ahmed

    Tintin Menon

    Delhi downshift


    Retro 93

    Riding on D2

    M2N Rider

    Nitin mbb


    Chasing Nirvana



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    Final Words :

    So this was all about the Top Motovloggers in India.I would suggest you to visit all of the atleast once. Also I have tried to include almost all the known motovloggers. If you think I've missed out any name please comment down the name of motovlogger. I will update the article.
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    How To Create Unlimited Gmail Id's With Just One Gmail Account | Gmail Dot Trick

    How To Create Gmail Multiple Accounts

    Most of the users now-a-days, create many email id's in order to avail discounts on various sites, be it Amazon, Freecharge, Ola and so on. So they have to remember all the mail id's alongwith the passwords and that becomes a headache for the user to create multiple mail id's first and then remember them.

    Create Unlimited Gmail Accounts

    So here, I am going to explain a trick which can reduce this overhead for creating multiple gmail id's.
    By using this trick, you will be able to create many valid gmail accounts that too with a single gmail id. People have given name to this trick as Gmail Dot Trick.

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    Steps To Use Gmail Dot Trick :

    1. First and foremost step is you must have one gmail account with you.

    2. Suppose you are having gmail id with name -

        now, you have to use dot(.) in between your gmail ids to make multiple accounts.

    For example : or or or or or or or or or

    This is because according to Google policy, placing dot(.) in your gmail id doesn't matter and your gmail id will be considered as same to original one.
    So if someone send you mail on anyone of the above gmail ids, then you will receive it on your original id i.e

    3. That's it, you're done. You can make several ids with just one account in this way.

    Create Multiple Gmail Account With Gmail Account Generator Tool

    If you don't want to create accounts manually, here is a tool which will do the same work for you   without any manual work. you just have to enter your gmail id's and the tool will do the rest of the work for you.

    Follow the steps given below :
    • Firstly, Go to Gmail Dot Trick Generator tool from Here.
    • Now Enter your gmail address in the Username text box and click on Generate.
    • A list with many Gmail id's will get displayed. Just click on save button and a notepad file will be downloaded into your system.
    • Now you can use these gmail ids to create different accounts on same websites or any other different purpose


    So this was the simple trick to generate multiple Gmail accounts with just one Gmail account.Most of the people know this trick and are already using this trick to generate various email accounts.So if you have not used this trick, I suggest you to please try this at least once. If you have any questions, you can always ask in comments below.

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    Download Movie Subtitles Automatically in VLC Media Player

    Download Subtitles Automatically in VLC

    Getting the Subtitles for your movies is not a difficult task today. You just have to google with movie name and search result will display plenty of websites offering the Subtitles.
    But wouldn't that be awesome if you get subtitles automatically in your media player??

    Luckily, VLC Media Player can do that for you!

    VLC is overloaded with lots of features and it is one of the best open source media player. VLC supports different plugins and add-ons. So you need to download one plugin called VLSub to get subtitles for your movies. VLsub is one of the high rated plugin for vlc which allows you to download the subtitles with just one click.

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    How VLsub Works

    The VLsub actually uses to fetch the requested subtitles.
    VLsub plugin searches for the subtitles and then displays the matching subtitle files, so you can choose anyone and download it immediately and after that automatically loads the subtitles into the movie.

    How To Download Free Subtitles Automatically using VLsub

    Follw the below steps to use VLsub in VLC

         1: Download VLsub from the here and extract the compressed file.

         2: Copy the VLsub.lua file and paste it in the following directory on windows:
              C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions.
              For Linux : ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/
    How to download free subtitles in vlc media player

         3: Now, Open VLC media player and click on View and you will see VLsub there.

    download free movie subtitles in vlc automatically

         4: Play your movie now and click on VLsub.

         5: VLsub window will open up, type the name of the movie and click on Search by Name/Hash. Wait for a few seconds and a list of available subtitles will appear.

    download free movie subtitles using vlsub

         6: Select a subtitle and click on the Download Selection button to download the subtitle.

    Subtitles will get automatically loaded in the movie. Enjoyyy!!

    Final Words

    So This was all about downloading free subtitles automatically in VLC media player. If you are facing any kind of difficulty while installing this plugin, do let us know in the comments.
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