How To Use Whatsapp's New Font In Chat

How to use Whatsapp's Secret font

As we know that whatsapp keeps on adding new features to make it more user friendly. Like it rolled out bold and italics feature previously.

This time whatsapp has introduced a new font style which is called FixedSys. Most of the people don't know about this new feature. This font is first rolled out in Android beta version v2.16.179 and now it is available in Whatsapp's latest version 2.16.133 on playstore.

The font has been added for ios as well. However for using this new font, you will have to press the back-quote ( ) symbol three times as no direct option is added to change font.

In order to use the new font style.. follow the below mentioned steps.

How to use Whatsapp's new font?

Suppose you want to write the word Tech Jugaad in new font. So you just have to press the back quote symbol ( ` ) three times before and after your text.

For Example   ``` Tech Jugaad ```    and yeah, its done !!

Full guide to use Whatsapp's new font style in chat

Also, you can now send formatted text in Whatsapp chat using Bold, Italics and Strikethrough feature. These features were rolled out in Whatsapp's previous release.

You can Italicize the text by placing UnderScore( _ ) symbol before and after the text. For example, _Tech Jugaad_

To make text bold, put the asterisk (*) symbol before and after the text.
For example, *Tech Jugaad*

Strike the line through the text by using underscore symbol before and after.
For example, ~Tech Jugaad~

Final Words

So this was all about the guide to use Whatsapp's secret font in chat. Whatsapp is rolling out new features in its every release. Soon Voicemail and Call back features are going to be added in its upcoming release. You can enjoy the text decorative features for the time being.
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