The Most Useful And Amazingly Cool Websites on Internet in 2016

Today i am going to list names of some websites which are most useful and can help users making their work more easier.
Main thing is that most of the these are unknown to the users.But i am sure that you'll get good experience while trying these cool websites.
So here are the names...

List of Useful and cool websites

List of Most Useful Website :

    Useful and cool websites - Tech Jugaad

    Super Logout is one of my favourite website. It helps you to logout from all the websites or sessions at once. It is more helpful when you are at Internet Caffe and you are running short of time to logout from all the open websites.
    Note : It is advised to logout manually from your confidential accounts like banking and Email accounts.

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    If a site is down due to traffic, you can access it through Coralcdn.

    You can share your screen and can do meeting online like Lync in Windows.

    For downloading templates, images,clipart for your office documents. 

    It is a Url Shortening site which shortens your long URL into smaller ones. One cannot simply tell which website is going to open by looking at this shortened URL.

    It returns the original Url of any Website which is in Shorten form. 

    It lets you send an online fax for free.

    You can check your Typing speed and increase your Typing speed by practicing over here with the Typing tests and interesting Typing games.

    Sleepyti is a bedtime calculator website which helps you finding the best time to go to sleep to wake up refreshed.

    Eat This Much helps you create customized Meal Plans in order to achieve your diet goals. You can mention how much calories and fat you want to include in your meal. Based on your inputs, it displays best meal plans.

    Lists Of Some Cool Websites (if you are getting bored on Internet)


    Useful and cool websites - Tech Jugaad

    It Translates your words into Gangster style like Snoop Dogg style like
    "Hey there, hey there, how tha duck r' yo'. dis thang here, biatch?". I too tried it on my blog.
    It is really very interesting site to time pass. So Give dis shiiit a whirr ! ... Oh i mean give this website a try. ;)


    Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit. You can create amazing sounds with just tap of keys of the keyboard. So visit this Website and show your creativity.


    The Useless Web lets you surf the useless websites. Just Click on the PLEASE button and it will take you to a different website that you have never heard of.

    Pollock - Try your hand at Modern Art

    This website is indeed a good platform to try hands on Canvas without any cost. So get ready and splatter paint on canvas and take your creativity to another level.

    Freaking Huge Url

    Works Opposite to, it makes URL of any website quite long. You can use it for fun.

    Zero Dollar Movies

    Zero Dollar Movies is the best place to find the best free full length movies. The site comprises a collection of 15,000+ movies and indexes only free complete movies in different languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujrati etc. I personally suggest to visit this website once.


    It displays random movie from the huge collection of netflix catalog. So you don't have to be confused to decide which movie to watch.

    Final Words

    So this was all about the Most Useful and amazingly cool websites on Internet. Most of the people don't know about these Websites. Visit them atleast once and do let us know your experience.
    If we have missed any website, you can tell us in comments. We will include that website also and update the article.
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    Thanks for passing by. Keep Visiting for such more posts.
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