Use VLC Player Like A Pro | VLC Tips & Tricks 2016

Use VLC Player Like a Pro | VLC Tips & Tricks 2016

VLC media player is the most used media player on the Internet today. It is portable, open source and supports different file formats due to which it is considered best over the number of media players available in the market.
Most of the people use it as simple Media player but believe me it is more than that. Infact there are number of features that you might not have thought it could do.
Here in this Article, I am going to list down the amazing features of VLC player.

Play Video As Desktop Background

You can play video on your desktop screen also. Follow the below step to enable this feature :
1. Go to Tools >> Preferences
2. Click on Video and under output field choose DirectX video output.
3. Save it, restart VLC & play a video
4. Right-click on screen and navigate to Video >> DirectX Wallpaper

VLC Magic Trick

VLC Magic Trick | VLC Tips & Tricks 2016

This is pretty interesting trick. Although it will not enhance in productivity but still you can use it for fun. All you have to do is just Open VLC player. Press ctrl + N. Write Screen:// in the dialog box. And click on Play. Now sit back and relax, just see the magic.

Record your desktop

VLC has a feature to record desktop screen. It acts as a screen recorder so you dont need to install extra screen recorder software to record your screen.
Below are the steps to enable desktop recording :
  1. Navigate to Media >> Convert/Save
  2. Go to Capture device
  3. Under the Capture mode dropdown menu, select Desktop.
  4. Select desired frame rate from Desired frame rate for capture option
  5. Click Convert/Save

Take a snapshot of the video

If you want to take a snapshot of the video you are watching, just press Shift + S on windows and cmd + alt + s on Linux. The picture will be saved in the default picture folder of your OS.

Play video as ASCII Characters

Play video as ASCII Characters | VLC Tips & Tricks 2016

One of the Interesting feature of VLC, it lets you display a video in ASCII characters.
To do this, follow the below steps :

  1. Navigate to Tools>> Preferences
  2. Click on Video
  3. Under Output field, choose Color ASCII Art Video Output
Now your video will be displayed in ASCII format.

Add watermark to the video

You can put a watermark or your logo in your videos without using any external software. For adding watermark, just follow these simple steps given below :

  1. Load video in VLC player & navigate to Tools menu.
  2. Select Effects & Filters. Adjustments & Effect window will open up.
  3. Click on Overlay tab present under Video Effects.
  4. Enable Add Text & Add Logo Options.
  5. Add desired text and upload your logo. Set position and transparency level.
Thats it !! In this way you can made your video copyrighted.

Play video without unzipping folder

You don't need to extract video to play it on VLC. Just add your zipped folder on VLC and it will start playing. Just in case it doesn't, then only you need to unzip the media.

Load Subtitles Automatically

Load Subtitles Automatically in VLC | VLC Tips & Tricks 2016

Here is one more interesting feature of VLC, you can load subtitles of your video automatically in video. All you have to do is, just Rename the subtitle and give the exact name of the video to the subtitles. It will load automatically without doing any manual work.


So this was all about Top VLC tricks. These tricks are very useful and could help you do your tasks more effectively. If you liked this article, you can always share it among your friends.
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