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How To Create Gmail Multiple Accounts

Most of the users now-a-days, create many email id's in order to avail discounts on various sites, be it Amazon, Freecharge, Ola and so on. So they have to remember all the mail id's alongwith the passwords and that becomes a headache for the user to create multiple mail id's first and then remember them.

Create Unlimited Gmail Accounts

So here, I am going to explain a trick which can reduce this overhead for creating multiple gmail id's.
By using this trick, you will be able to create many valid gmail accounts that too with a single gmail id. People have given name to this trick as Gmail Dot Trick.

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Steps To Use Gmail Dot Trick :

1. First and foremost step is you must have one gmail account with you.

2. Suppose you are having gmail id with name -

    now, you have to use dot(.) in between your gmail ids to make multiple accounts.

For example : or or or or or or or or or

This is because according to Google policy, placing dot(.) in your gmail id doesn't matter and your gmail id will be considered as same to original one.
So if someone send you mail on anyone of the above gmail ids, then you will receive it on your original id i.e

3. That's it, you're done. You can make several ids with just one account in this way.

Create Multiple Gmail Account With Gmail Account Generator Tool

If you don't want to create accounts manually, here is a tool which will do the same work for you   without any manual work. you just have to enter your gmail id's and the tool will do the rest of the work for you.

Follow the steps given below :
  • Firstly, Go to Gmail Dot Trick Generator tool from Here.
  • Now Enter your gmail address in the Username text box and click on Generate.
  • A list with many Gmail id's will get displayed. Just click on save button and a notepad file will be downloaded into your system.
  • Now you can use these gmail ids to create different accounts on same websites or any other different purpose


So this was the simple trick to generate multiple Gmail accounts with just one Gmail account.Most of the people know this trick and are already using this trick to generate various email accounts.So if you have not used this trick, I suggest you to please try this at least once. If you have any questions, you can always ask in comments below.

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